The Zebra Squad was a Mobile Infantry unit featured in Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles. The squad was led by Lieutenant Bernstein during the Hydora Campaign. This was the only known campaign this squad was seen in action during. The squad was known for its uniquely recognizable "zebra" patterns on the edges of their helmets.


While on the planet Hydora, Zebra Squad suffered massive casualties, mostly in wounded numbers that required immediate evacuation off the planet. Fleet Lieutenant Carmen Ibanez was involved with the evacuation process, going as far as voluntarily surrendering her place on her retrieval ship so more wounded Zebra Squad troopers could be transported off-planet. The remaining Zebra Squad members and their Lieutenant joined forces with Lt. Jean Razak and his Roughnecks who saved the Zebra team during a heavy engagement with Ripplers. Both teams succeeded in their new mission to clear out Arachnid forces so that more air drops from Fleet could safely land on the planet.