The name or term "York" should not be confused with Alvin York.

UCF York
First appearance Second Bug War
Race Human
Type Athena class Starship
Weapons Energy weaponry (presumably) / Q Bomb
ID Unknown
Affiliation Fleet Pin Fleet
Function Fleet Flagship
Commanders Sky Marshal Enolo Phid
Military Crew

The York is an upgraded Athena class that was flagship for Enolo Phid until she became Sky Marshal and offered command of the ship to Lola Beck. As a flagship, the York is a light grey with a red stripe along its side instead of the usual blue colour of Athena class ships.

History Edit

The York was present over the planet OM-1. The York is used as a flagship for a fleet orbiting OM-1 whilst Colonel Rico launched a ground attack with M11 Marauders on the planet surface. (It is unclear whether the Marauders were launched from the York or Shiloh). After the Marauders' mission was complete, all Federal personnel are removed from the planet. Sky Marshal Enolo Phid ordered the use of the Q Bomb against OM-1. The York then deploys the Q Bomb, which destroyed the planet. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

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