The Royal X Bug

The X-Bug, also known as Royal Warrior X, is a genetically modified allegedly female Royal Warrior created by Intel under Hauser's supervision in facility on Hesperus.during the Bug War. The project took four years to complete and led to the development of the creature. X-Bug could emit special pheromone. The facility was later attacked and taken over by Bugs. Hauser tasked Spooky to help him retrieve the X-Bug and prevent her destruction as she was a vital part of the offensive against the bugs. Before they could retrieve her, a Royal Warrior and other Warrior type bugs broke into the chamber and attempted to free her forcing Spooky to fight them. After Spooky fought off Bugs, the X-Bug was evacuated onto a dropship. As part of the offensive, X-Bug was brought to Fort Atacana and used to lure the large number of Bugs. She remained trapped in a cell whilst Bugs attacked the base. Eventually, Hauser authorized Hellstorm, which saw fighters drop explosives on the base and killing the Bugs. For his actions, Hauser was declared a hero and he freed the X-Bug so she could lead them to the hive and the Brain Bug. X-Bug lead the Federation to the hive and Spooky was sent to aid in destroying it. Following this, the X-Bug guided the bugs into a volcano near Fort Rasczak during Operation Offensive and reunited with the Brain Bug. She was eventually defeated and killed by Spooky.



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