The Royal X Bug

The X-Bug is a genetically modified Royal Warrior created by Psi Ops during the war against the Arachnids.

Created under the supervision of General Hauser, the project took four years to complete and led to the development of the creature. The facility developing the organism was present on the planet Hesperus which was later attacked by Bugs. General Hauser tasked Marauder 06 to help him retrieve the X-Bug and prevent its destruction as it was part of a vital offensive against the Arachnids. Before they could get the creature to safety, a Royal Warrior broke into the chamber and attempted to free the X-Bug which necessitated the Marauder in fighting it. After fighting off a horde of Bugs, the X-Bug was transported onto a dropship as part of the next offensive.

The ultimate aim of the X-Bug is to trap a large number of Arachnids in a single spot as well as serve as a way of finding the Brain Bug. The bioengineering involved in creating the creature meant that it was designed to attract as many Bugs from as far as two hundred klicks into its direction through the use of a special pheromone generated by the X-Bug. The creature remained trapped in a cell whilst hundreds of Bugs charged at the Mobile Infantry area. Once in place, Hauser authorized Hellstorm, which saw fighters drop explosives on the enemy and killing the large number of Bugs. For his actions, Hauser was declared a hero and he let the X-Bug loose with the intention of tracking the colony's Brain Bug.

The X-Bug is successful on finding the Bug Hives; Marauder 06 is sent to aid the Mobile Infantry on destroying the hive. Following this, the X-Bug "guides" the retreating bugs to evacuate into a volcano located nearby Fort Razcsak during Operation Offensive. Finally the X-Bug is successful on finding the Brain Bug. It in turn was eliminated by Marauder 06.



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