This page is about the Wildcats in the Starship Troopers film universe, for the other versions, see Willie's Wildcats.

Inicial quote We are going in first wave. There's more bugs to kill. You smash entire area you kill anything that has more then two legs, you get Me? Final quote

Lieutenant Willy





Assault troops


FederationFlag United Citizen Federation


MI flag small Mobile Infantry

Part of

MI flag small George Company




in chief

Lieutenant Willy


Johnny Rico
Ace Levy
Dizzy Flores

The Wildcats were a unit that fought at the Battle of Klendathu. The unit commander was Lieutenant Willy.

History Edit

Main article: Battle of Klendathu

After Johnny Rico and his unit completed training they were transferred to Willy's Wildcats for the up coming offensive in the Klendathu system. While a waiting on board Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga several troopers in the Wildcats appear on FedNet when a FedNet Correspondant asks them on their opinions of the upcoming invasion.

When the invasion of Klendathu Begins the Wildcats are dropped in several Dropships and immediately they advance towards several Plasma Bugs, which then they quickly destroy with Tactical Oxygen Nukes fired from Rocket Launchers. Shortly after this, the Wildcats encountered Warrior Bugs which they are able to briefly hold off.

A general retreat is ordered and the Wildcats were forced to retreat while stragglers were constantly getting picked off and killed by Arachnids in hot pursuit.

After the defeat at Klendathu, the Wildcats lost most of their men, including the commander Lieutenant Willy. The survivors were transferred to other units.

Known membersEdit


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