Whiskey Outpost was a Mobile Infantry installation on Planet P. During the Klendathu System Campaign, the base was commanded by General Owen. However, the Bugs swarmed the base and killed all the personnel (except for Owen, who hid in a storage locker). The bugs then sent a distress call to the Federation Fleet, bringing in the Roughnecks.

Shortly after the Roughnecks arrived, thousands of bugs swarmed on Whiskey Outpost in the engagement known as the Ambush at Whiskey Outpost.

Corporal Farley and General Owen were the only personnel that were named. Although only the 2 above mentioned troopers were named, the ambush at the Whiskey outpost cannot be described as a major point in the bug war. All that was really achieved by the ambush was Rico taking command of the Roughnecks which was later consolidated by Carl. Starship Troopers


  • The outpost is often incorrectly called "Outpost 29", after the location seen in the 2005 video game, which also resembles Whiskey Outpost.

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