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The Transport Bug spotted dropping eggs and bugs onto Pluto is tracked to a previously undiscovered planet, which is named Hydora. S.I.C.O.N. orders The Roughnecks to watch the Transport and see if it has returned to the Bugs' Home Planet...or if Hydora is some kind of Grand Central Bug Station. When a new type of bug known as Ripplers exit the Transport, Razak, Dizzy and Brutto follow the new arrivals; the rest of the squad conducts surveillance on the Transport Bug. When this surveillance group comes under attack by Ripplers, Doc and Gossard get stranded on the side of a cliff ... Rico, Carl and Higgins get trapped inside the Transport Bug. As they try to get out of the Transport, Carl receives a psychic message from the Bugs. Eventually, the Roughnecks regroup and report to S.I.C.O.N. that this is not the Bugs' Home Planet. Then Carl reveals the message he received inside the Transport - the Bugs want them to know that they won't stop until every human being, everywhere, is destroyed.





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