So I have been reading the Dominant Species comic, and in it there is a battle being faught on Klendathu and I'm wondering if I should add it to the Second Battle of Klendathu page as it is clearly not the first battle due to lasting by the time of the comic three years, and that it has Neodog Corps and the first deployment of Power Armor used. The fleet seen over the planet consists of Corvette Transports not Athena Class starships that launched the initial attack. However, there is Corvette Transport in it called Rodger Young. None of the crew from the film appear in it however, and it is clearly number 175 not 176 which was the ship ID of the one in the film.

Should I add this info to Second Battle of Klendathu and label the Rodger Young in this as a separate ship due to the original previously being destroyed and having a different number?

VARGR (talk) 02:24, April 5, 2013 (UTC)

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