aka Sarah

  • I live in Rio Piedras, PR
  • I was born on June 7
  • My occupation is Legal Mercenary Paper-Pusher
  • I am Female
  • Sings-With-Spirits

    While I do understand that the novel and film/TV/OVA/games are often at odds, I have noticed that sometimes the multiple pages are actually counterproductive, especially when these are things that both have in common.

    Take as an example the Earth articles; do we really need Earth (film) and Earth (Novel)? Why not make a single Earth (planet) article and point out any discrepancies between versions in sub-sections? That way we can consolidate knowledge in a single easy-to-use resource without worrying about missing some important bit of knowledge that is mentioned only in the Earth (obscure magazine short story) article.

    Another example; the Queen Bug; really, do we need to have three articles for what is essentially the same type of creature?…

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  • Sings-With-Spirits

    There has been much debate on the matter of the differences between formats in Starship Troopers, sometimes very hostile. I'd like to just get it off my chest that each is good in its own way and there is no need to get uppity about it.

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  • Sings-With-Spirits

    Many people forget that political science is as suitable as other sciences for representation in science fiction; Starship Troopers is an excellent example, but it is not the only one; who has not read Fahrenheit 451?

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