• Ralok

    Invasion - First Look

    March 17, 2012 by Ralok

    Here is our first look at it people.

    looks soooooooooo fine

    and that dropship . . looks curiosly like one from the animated series!

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  • Ralok


    March 2, 2012 by Ralok

    Okay we need some major cleanup here! so here is what we are going to do! If there is an administrator here listen carefully because I have done this a few times on other wikis getting them in shape (prey wiki, thundercats wiki, and barsoom wiki)

    We have to start with creating disambiguation pages for the content, each disambiguation page will be a basic article based on the information from the book, with the disambiguation information beneath this content!

    Original information leading into derivative information!

    Second categories need to be cleanly defined, all things must be categorized appropriately for their native canons!

    each should be as follows

    (OVA) - original video animation

    (Film) - The film universe

    (TV) - for the television show of…

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