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aka xavier

  • I live in phillippines
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is its classified
  • I am male
  • RWBY Adam Taurus

    about that, i kinda bit in the story of Starship trooper :Invansion because Carl is not done yet to his research right ???? and i don't care if they succeded to kill that queen bug but i know there lots of bugs that Carl created , and why trig and shock jock die there i though its gonna be romantic when trig been cought by bug but i thought she gonna be ok but she die >_ <  Why director why is that because "is good day to die you know what want is the reason why citizen what we fight right" (music) XDD sorry about that its touch my heart when trig and shock jock favor each other T.T and one more things is there gonna be a II of the starship trooper :invasion II ????

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