Ladies and gentlemen, I am writing a campaign for a video game I like to call... "STARSHIP TROOPERS: RELOADED"!

The game is going into the next-gen files to continue the Starship Troopers game line, and this one is sure to be the best of them all. The game will be developed for the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2 by Eurocom, who also developed Dead Space: Extraction and Goldeneye 007 for the Wii. The storyline of this game that that the game will follow the action-packed the storyline of all three movies AND the 2005 video game, as well as reveal some never-before-seen stories. Ideas of the game I have will include as follows below:

New Missions Recently Discovered from within the Events of the Saga

Changes to the Story (by yours truly)

  • Johnny Rico and V.J. Dax meet.
  • The Battle of Klendathu, as you know, will be expanded to an adventure-sized level.
  • Omar Anoke is named Sky Marshall after the first battle disaster, and remains so for 11 years, and he remains on the Federation's side, which means he will not serve Behemecoaytl (because I like him too much to let that happen).
  • Elmo Gonif is the main human antagonist of Act III (which is mainly over SST3) serving Behemecoaytl, and Enolo Phid is working for him.
  • Part of the Battle at Hotel Delta 1-8-5 will be retold in the original way I thought I saw it on Starz on Demand.
  • Due to a black Dix Hauser in Marauder, White Hauser will be called McWalters to avoid confusion. Also, he will be killed gruesomely in Act II, where HOTF and the FPS events both take place.
  • The soldiers on the Hesperus squad are actually named.
  • We see what happens to some of the troopers from "SST1" as the game progresses.

Game Features

  • The game is a massively excellent mix of first-person shooters and full-movie/in-game cutscenes.
  • Over eight times as much levels as in a typical first-person shooter.
  • Full-movie cutscenes created by Tippett Studio.
  • On the PS3, you get to choose whether to play the game on DualShock 3 controllers or the PlayStation Move, and on the Wii, you can play with either the Wiimote and Nunchuk or the Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro.
  • I'll be doing 3 entire walkthroughs of the game on YouTube: one on the PS3 version under the screenname ExtremePresentsStarshipTroopersPS3, another under JohnnyWiico (rimshot) for the Wii, and a third, PS2-related version under StarTroopHerooftheMarauderPS2.
  • The MASSIVE software from "Lord of the Rings" is employed for the ULTIMATE Starship Troopers experience on PS3, while an enhanced SWARM engine will be created for the Wii and PS2 versions.
  • The cast of the original movies returns, along with some all-new characters.

And that's some of my ideas. Now I need YOUR ideas! Post 'em up by commenting, and tell me what ideas you have for me to use in Starship Troopers: Reloaded!

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