I am very dissatisfied with the ammount (or no ammount) of activity on the Starship Troopers. Where did everyone go? This site used to be so active but's just another wiki page.

I've been trying my best to keep the activity going, but only me, VARGR, and Starship troopers are the only active members here. This is one of my favorite Wikis that I log on to every day, and I hope that the activity will rise.

I'm also dissatisfied with all the stub articles and pages with horrible grammar (some stub articles I can understand as there is no other information to add, but horrible grammar? Come on).

If you read this blog post, please leave a message about what you think about the activity rate.

Over the last year the site has become very quiet. I've also been guilty of it, but when no one else edits it does get a bit defeatest. I think the problem is that the 1st film came out so long ago, and that the 2nd, and 3rd films were smaller budget that SST (Films,TV, and possibly novel also) just arent as popular or as in the limelight as they were before. A shame really as the films and novel are in my eyes very intresting. VARGR 16:08, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

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