For anyone who's interested, here's a quick rundown of what went on at the Starship Troopers panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

I'd say it was a success, with solid attendance for an evening panel at the busiest day of the convention. The mid-sized room was nearly full, and most of these people were real fans, given how responsive they were to the panel members.

The panel was moderated by Stephen Kramer Glickman. Panel members were Ed Neumeier (writer), Casper Van Dien (voice of Rico), Shinji Aramaki (director), Joseph Chou (producer), and Tony Ishizuka (Sony Pictures). Masaru Matsumoto (co-director), was supposed to participate in the panel, but arrived late.

As far as concrete, new announcements go, we were told a pair of 1/6 scale figures are being produced. One will be of Rico, as he appears in Traitor of Mars, the other will be of a bug. From the photo shown, it looks like it will be a warrior bug. Unfortunately, I can't recall if the screen image said who was manufacturing the figures, of if actual prototypes were shown. I don't think they were, rather just pictures of what the figures would be of.

More footage from the film was shown. We were shown scenes where the troopers are moving 'on the bounce,' very close to what's described in the novel, as far as I can recall, and appear to be carrying nukes on their powersuits. While it still may not align 100% with the descriptions in the novel, it's nice that they put the effort in to get it closer.

One point that came up during the panel was that Traitor of Mars was done on a smaller budget than Invasion. It was Joseph Chou who mentioned this.

The Q&A session revealed some interesting information and potential developments:

One eagle-eyed fan spotted that the Plasma Bugs have had a slight redesign. It seems their heads are now under their "butts" where they fire from. Aramaki said that he felt it made more sense this way, as they were previously walking around backwards while aiming and using their "weapons." Keep in mind I'm paraphrasing Joseph Chou's translation of Aramaki's words, a day after the fact, so take it as a general idea, rather than his exact thoughts.

Some fans asked if a new video game was being considered, and if a new version, or a completion of the Roughneck Chronicles was being considered. Tony Ishizuka said that while nothing was in the works at the time, and there was no guarantee, it has been talked about at Sony. Personally, I'd read that as meaning further projects rest on the success of Traitor of Mars, but that was neither specifically said or implied by anyone on the panel.

One fan asked how Dizzy could be in the film, given her fate in the first movie. Ed Neumeier and Van Dien both squarely replied "Dizzy is dead," setting up what appears to be one of the major plot points of the film.

Attendees received a free promotional eye patch. Casper Van Dien had everyone put them on and took a photo which he posted on his social media accounts.

Attendees also received a ticket, which they could turn in at another location for an exclusive Blu-Ray sleeve, and a promotional t-shirt. The screen printed t-shirt features the 'Death From Above' logo on the front, the 'Starship Troopers Traitor of Mars' logo on back, and 'Rico' on the sleeve.

All in all, it was an extremely fun panel, and one I wish could have been longer.

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