I was searching the web trying to find some kind of sales figures on Invasion, and while I haven't been able to find anything so far, I did stumble upon Film Threat's review of the movie.  It would seem that it got published without much fact checking or proof-reading. The standout flaw here is that the reviewer claims that Neil Patrick Harris voiced Carl Jenkins:

"Meanwhile, Dr. Carl Jenkins (Neil Patrick Harris reprising his role from the original film, in voice only) has absconded on a secret mission with Carmen Ibanez’s (Denise Richards’s character from the original film) spaceship."

Ibanez is mentioned twice more in the review, but both times is called "Carmine."

Next, it's implied that Casper VanDien's likness is used for Rico:

"...soldiers are sent by Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien, who also executive produced this film, played Rico in the original but didn’t do the voice here)..."

I'm not sure what the general concensus here will be, but I didn't feel like they attempted to use Van Dien's likeness. 

The review is more or less positive, so I guess it's all good. I'm just always surprised when I see such a lack of effort from a big website, getting something as basic as casting wrong.  For starters, as a reviewer, I'd take it upon myself to actually read though the credits, and you'd think there'd be an editor somewhere that would at least take a second to IMDb the movie and double-check.

See it for yourself here:

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