I'm beginning to work on a category for Starship Troopers comic books. It'll take a while to complete,  since I don't currently have all the comics, but I'll be beginning with the stuff that Dark Horse Comics published.

I'm thinking that one page to each series makes sense.  So the page layout would be something like what follows here, more or less what is already done, just focused to have all the relevant info for the series on one page, rather than branching out.

I. General Information

II. Characters

III. Vehicles, Weapons, & Locations

IV. Plot Summary

V. External Links

VI. Gallery

Keeping it simple makes more sense to me than creating individual character/ship/weapon, etc. pages, since most of the elements in the comic books are either ones we're already familiar with, or aren't around long enough to really matter.  Also, the comic books are probably the least well known and sought after SST related media, so keeping it compact makes sense from a standpoint of what the demand for it is.

For the original content from the comics that do deserve some space to be explained, they can be described in as much detail as needed in their relevant section.

Any objections, comments, or suggestions?  I look forward to helping add this element to the wiki!

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