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  • CosmonautCowboy

    A second trailer for Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars has been posted online. It's now the default trailer at the official website ( The updated trailer, and new background image on the site (reposted here),  gives us a better look at Dizzy, and introduces the rest of the squad, including One-Oh-One, the  character that Deray Davis is voicing.

    Rico's other squademates appear to go by the names Geo, Baba, Dutch, and Camacho, given the names on their suits.

    The film will have a panel on the evening of Saturday the 22nd of July at San Diego Comic-Con, so we should have some more details about the movie after that. Looking forward to it!

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  • CosmonautCowboy

    Starship Troopers is back from the dead! There is a new CGI animated film coming out this summer. Here's a write-up from Anime News Network, with a trailer: Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

    It's being produced by a company called Lucent Pictures Entertainment, along with Sola Digital Arts, the same people that did Starship Troopers: Invasion. It is written by Ed Neumeier, and has Casper Van Dien and Dina Meyer reprising their original roles as Rico and Flores from the '97 live action movie. Given the look of Rico and the equipment in the trailer, it would seem that this is a sequel to Invasion.

    The movie will have a one-night only cinematic release on August 21, through Fathom Events.

    You can see the trailer in more info (just the basics ri…

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  • CosmonautCowboy

    Future of ST

    March 6, 2015 by CosmonautCowboy

    It's been a while! I never got around to that comics section, but I see the community did a great job adding one!

    So it's been a few years since the release of Invasion, and nothing new for Starship Troopers. I'm guessing that means the movie wasn't a commercial success. I liked the movie, and would have enjoyed seeing more live-action films in that series, or some sequels to Invasion.

    The idea of a reboot is better than nothing, but I kind of liked the whole B-Movie sensibility that the ST live-action movies had. A reboot would probably end up being yet another sanitized production, all dark and serious. I've seen enough of that lately. That's just me, though. What would you guys like to see?  Have you given up and moved on, or are you still …

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  • CosmonautCowboy

    I'm beginning to work on a category for Starship Troopers comic books. It'll take a while to complete,  since I don't currently have all the comics, but I'll be beginning with the stuff that Dark Horse Comics published.

    I'm thinking that one page to each series makes sense.  So the page layout would be something like what follows here, more or less what is already done, just focused to have all the relevant info for the series on one page, rather than branching out.

    I. General Information

    II. Characters

    III. Vehicles, Weapons, & Locations

    IV. Plot Summary

    V. External Links

    VI. Gallery

    Keeping it simple makes more sense to me than creating individual character/ship/weapon, etc. pages, since most of the elements in the comic books are either ones we…

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  • CosmonautCowboy

    I was searching the web trying to find some kind of sales figures on Invasion, and while I haven't been able to find anything so far, I did stumble upon Film Threat's review of the movie.  It would seem that it got published without much fact checking or proof-reading. The standout flaw here is that the reviewer claims that Neil Patrick Harris voiced Carl Jenkins:

    "Meanwhile, Dr. Carl Jenkins (Neil Patrick Harris reprising his role from the original film, in voice only) has absconded on a secret mission with Carmen Ibanez’s (Denise Richards’s character from the original film) spaceship."

    Ibanez is mentioned twice more in the review, but both times is called "Carmine."

    Next, it's implied that Casper VanDien's likness is used for Rico:


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