Inicial quote Every commander I've ever served under tried to get me use the regulation gun, that is, until they see how many I killed with that one — And they don't ask me anymore. Final quote

—Trig told Bugspray about the gun she used., Starship Troopers: Invasion

Tia Durer



Deceased (K.I.A)


Alps, Flag of France France












FederationFlag United Citizen Federation


MI Soldier

Military service


MI flag small Mobile Infantry


Infantry corps








Battle of Fort Casey

Tia Durer, nickname "Trig", was an MI trooper and member and sniper of A-01.


Trig was born in the colony. Her hometown was destroyed by Bugs with plasma bomb and she swore to avenge it and kill as many bugs as died people there by using the rifle her parents made. She joined the MI, became a sniper and counted every Bug she killed. She eventually joined A-01, participated in Battle of Fort Casey along with her teammates and stayed outside to provide support with sniper fire. She saved Bugspray, the K-12 acting commander, from a Warrior Bug during the evacuation. When the troopers left the fort and boarded the FAS Alesia, she jumped to the ship and Bugspray gave her a hand to pull her to the ship while Ice Blonde asked her how many did she killed today. Later on board the ship, when Bugspray was trying to find and get in his room, he found the room was locked. Trig, who lived in the room across the hallway, came out and helped him to open the door. However, there was no bed, so Trig invited him to her room. After a conversation, Bugspray had sex with her. After, Trig told him her story and her rifle. A while later, they entered the conference room together and troopers cheered for them. Trig later joined the search for the missing John A. Warden and asked Bugspray to bury her rifle at her hometown if she dies. Bugspray asked her not to die. They found the ship and realized it had been taken over by the Bugs. The Queen destroyed the Alesia and prepared heading to Earth. Trig's team took Carmen to the bridge. Trig volunteered to try and take down the Queen and went into the vent without her armor. She turned down Bugspray's help because he couldn't fit in the vent. She arrived at Queen's chamber and failed to kill her, however, she shot several of Queen's links and temporarily disabled her control of the ship. This allowed Carmen to avoid the shipcrash in Paris. However, Trig was spotted by the Bugs and had to left the vent. She was then attacked, overwhelmed and killed by Warrior Bugs. Her body was later found by Varro and Bugspray and Bugspray used her rifle to kill Bugs and hold the line for Varro before he died.

Starship Troopers: Invasion

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  1. BD extra from the Japanese version of Starship Troopers: Invasion Blu-ray DVD.
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