Training Lasers
Type Energy weaponry (Non lethal)
Service History
Introduced Pre-First Bug War

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

MI flag small Mobile Infantry



Non-combat device

Production History


Produced Unknown

Recruits in camps such as Camp Currie were trained in battlefield tactics and often pitted against each other in team battles to test their skills and determine if any of the troopers were leadership quality. During these tests, the troopers were equipped with specially modified Morita Assault Rifles which were customized to fire seemingly harmless yet highly visible beams. Every recruit in this exercise was required to wear a customised armour that recognised when it was hit by a beam. This armour was similar to the standard for the military, except with a sensor in the middle of the chestplate and was equipped with a shock device that when hit shocked the recruit wearing it to effectively disable him/her, as well as a few areas of undershirt and helmet coloured in unison with the beams for team recognition.

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