Inicial quote I'm just a damned janitor trying to clean it up. Final quote

—Lieutenant Daugherty, Starship Troopers: Invasion

Tony Daugherty



Alps, Flag of France France








FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

Military service


MI flag small Mobile Infantry


Elite Troopers


Roughnecks A-01 Team


A-01 Team


Lieutenant (C.O of A-01 Team)


Battle of Fort Casey

Real life


Sam Roman

Lieutenant Tony Daugherty was the commander of the Roughnecks A-01 Team on board the FAS Alesia.


Lieutenant Daugherty lead the A-01 Team to rescue the remain troopers from the K-12 Team in Fort Casey. He later retreated from the base to the FAS Alesia along with other troopers.

After the mission, he cheered the victory with the troopers in the locker room. Later, he and Captain Jonah explained to Captain Ibanez that they couldn't chase her ship, John A. Warden, because Alesia was heading back to Earth.

A while after, he looked up Major Varro's data in the computer, wondering why the Major was in custody.

Later, he called all the troopers and Captain Ibanez to the conference room for a briefing from General Rico. Due to General Rico's agreement per request of K-12 troopers that Major Varro should be released to lead the team, Lieutenant Daugherty and Captain Ibanez then talk to Major Varro, who agreed to lead the team.

Lieutenant Daugherty was in charge of the Team-01, which consisted of Ice Blonde, Trig, Mech, Shock Jock. His team was to take Captain Ibanez to the bridge.

Soon after aboard the John A. Warden, the troopers found out it had been taken over by the Queen Bug. The Bugs destroyed the Alesia and prepared heading to Earth. Lieutenant Daugherty guarded Captain Ibanez from being attacked by the Bugs. He was killed possibly due to the impact when John A. Warden crash-landing. His body was later used by Bugs to communicate with Varro, demanding on Carl's life. Starship Troopers: Invasion



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