Terran Command (MIHQ/TCOM) Building.

Terran Command Logo

Terran Command Seal

The Mobile Infantry Headquarters/Terran Command (MIHQ/TCOM) Building is built in Neoclassical style and has hemispherical domes on top of its two wings, protecting radar and communications antennas from the environment.

As the name implies, the building serves as headquarters and offices for the Sky Marshal and other high-ranking officers of the Mobile Infantry.

Notes Edit

On General Hauser's computer in Terran Command, several unseen weapons and equipments are listed on an itinerary:

  • Hop Grenades
  • Litho rounds
  • Tick tack bombs
  • Pulse Ray Mine
  • Spider Cluster 200
  • AD Super Slice
  • Saw gun K. S20
  • Titanium Ground Cracker
  • Gravity Destabilizer Nuke
  • Smart Cluster Bombs
  • Sneak Atom Ray
  • Nano Micro Missiles
  • Automatic Nail Wrench
  • Telepathic destabilier
  • Electric Taser 250
  • Smooth .ZI Silences
  • Cat's Eye Night Rifle
  • Automatic Shredder
  • Hard Hammer Rounds
  • Tactical Oxygen Nuke
  • Knuckle Wrench P50
  • Low Ray Splatters
  • Titanic Hydro Missiles
  • Hydro JRK 700
  • Hut Fire Rounds
  • Jubilee Cannon M10

Although many of these are probably offensive weapons, they are listed under defense instead of weapons.

Appearance Edit