Tactical Assault Shotgun
Type Shotgun
Service History
Introduced First Bug War
Users FederationFlag United Citizen Federation:MI flag small Mobile Infantry
Wars First Bug War
Production History


Produced Unknown

The Tactical Assault Shotgun is a weapon used by the United Citizens Federation.

These shotguns were developed in order to give Mobile Infantry Assault Units a powerful close quarter combat ability. The primary aim of the weapon is to ensure that the trooper wielding it is guaranteed a "one shot - one kill" capability against unarmored Arachnids at close range. Field experience has also reporeted that the Tactical Assault Shotgun can also be used to blow off the plates of the larger Bug strains.

There are two weaknesses in the design; the first being its very short effective range and the second being a slow rate of fire. The shotgun also has a notable secondary weapon mode which allows it to trigger four shells that can produce a blast which can harm multiple opponents. A problem with this firing option is that it triggers a longer reload time.

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