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Carmen is stranded on Hydora while rescuing Troopers injured in a fierce Bug battle. She teams up with Lt. Bernstein, the commander of Zebra squad, now in charge of a makeshift group of Troopers from several different squads. When they become trapped by a new aggressive strain of Ripplers known as "Kamikazes," Razak's Roughnecks come to the rescue. Word comes from S.I.C.O.N. command that these Kamikaze Ripplers are swarming across the planet, preventing supplies and reinforcements from getting in. Bernstein and his men, and Razak's Roughnecks take part in a two-pronged battle plan -- eliminating the Kamikazes from underground hide-outs, and driving the remainder up top, where Snipers are waiting to take them out. Meanwhile, Rico is surprised to see Carmen ... and risks his life and every one else's to try and impress her.





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