The "Super Tank" Bug is a massive variant of the Warrior Bug during the Second Bug War. It seems to be the size of a Tanker Bug or even a Plasma Bug and appears to be the new frontline unit for the Tanker species. The Warrior Bug has red markings to symbolize its faction and sprays a corrosive liquid much like the Tanker Bug. However, the spray is purple instead of orange used by the Tanker Bugs.



The corrosive purple spray

During the Battle of Fort Casey, after Carl Jenkins and the Marine Corps successfully captured the Queen while Major Henry Varro and the K-12 Team cleared out the Bug Hive beneath the Fort, the "Super Tank" Bug was left to take command of the Arachnid forces remaining in Fort Casey.

While Major Varro and his team tried to figure out what happened to the Queen, they just guessed that Brain Bugs killed the Queen when the fighting neared her chamber. Ratzass thought they ate her or something as there was no corpse to prove Varro's theory. Then the troopers hear a large roar coming from the Super Tank and Varro orders his marines to "Move Out".

The player, with the aid of Federal Intelligence Bugs (optional), cleared out combat hives consisting of Warrior Bugs, Plasma Warrior Bugs, Plasma Grenadier Bugs, Chaser Bugs, and Royal Warrior Bugs. The marine reached the chamber of the Super Tank on the Asteroid Surface. The FIBs battle Plasma Grenadiers and Warrior Bugs while the marine fought the Super Tank in an effort to kill it. The marine shot the eyes of the Bug to reach its nerve stem while avoiding corrosive purple sprays in order to defeat it. After the Bug was killed, the marine returns to the Fort to see Carl Jenkins arrest Henry Varro for insubordination. Trig arrived with the Roughnecks A-01 Team to help evacuate the Fort and asked Carl Jenkins what was going on down there. Carl informed Trig that it was nothing that concerned her and told her to have the John A. Warden ready for evacuation. Trig then followed his order and readied the John A. Warden. Ig


  • Their true name is unknown as it is only nicknamed "Super Tank" by the K-12 Team.
  • This Bug may be a larger breed of the Royal Warrior Bug, as its eyes need to be shot out to reach the nerve stem to kill it, much like Royals on Hesperus.


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