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Strongholds are a fortified tower outpost used by the United Citizen Federation during the First Bug War.

Stronghold design naturally is an upgrade over a standard fortification. Stronghold have a smaller footprint, which mean easier establishing effort. Presumably these structure also comes prefab and orbital dropped. These feature have additional advantage of negating bug tunnel ambush, as the weight and the material itself would serve as additional barrier that any tunnel underneath would be collapsed under weight.

Basically stronghold is an enclosed, multistore structure with dwelling level and live sustaining facility installed. This feature gave protection to any personel (or any creature) from adverse external enviromental hazzard, but with little room for any-more specific-purpose other than an outpost. Landing pad is available on the top level.

History Edit

Main article: Battle of Zulu Alpha

During the First Bug War, a Stronghold called Hotel Delta 1-8-5 is seen when a defeated Mobile Infantry force retreats to it. The force holds out in the outpost until overrun by Warrior Bugs after several hours. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

During the Battle of Hesperus several Strongholds containing Fuel reserves were utilised by the UCF to fuel up many fuel tankers. These Strongholds were held for just enough time during the battle to extract the fuel before their defences were overrun by an Arachnid assault.

Defences Edit

Defences on Stronghold vary from one to another depending on their purpose. The Stongholds on Hesperus since containing valuable fuel had trenches, bunkers, and Mounted Heavy Machineguns in defencive positions along the exterior.

All Strongholds, however, do have electric pillars positioned around a perimeter which shock and kill anything that pass by them. All Strongholds also contain Vapor Explosives that are launched from the top of the base and create a massive explosion all across the bases perimeter. The last of the defences are large rectangular blocks sticking out of the ground for soldiers to cover behind.

Appearances Edit

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