The Starship Troopers TC is a total conversion to the 1996 first-person shooter video game Duke Nukem 3D. It is made by the BGame Productions and was based after the 1997 film.

Story Edit

The TC takes place after the first film. It follows around a Mobile Infantry Elite Commando veteran (the player) going onto missions alone (sometimes with allies) in Arachnid planets. The player starts out by escaping from Starhip Sparta, before landing to Kaliatho. The objectives were either to rescue officers, to investigate facilities that have lost contact, or to hold off against Arachnid assaults. The TC has new planets. They are Kaliatho, Gamma, Planet 3, and more.

Weapons Edit

Some of the weapons are from the movie. Weapons written in Bold were exclusive to this game.

  • Foot: Replaced the Mighty Foot.
  • Morita Smartrifle: Replaced the Pistol.
  • Fragmentation Shotgun: Replaced the Shotgun.
  • Rotary Cannon: Replaced the Chaingun Cannon.
  • Nuclear Warhead: Replaced the RPG.
  • Grenade: Replaced the Pipebomb.
  • Bio-Rifle MPS 10 Corroder: Replaced the Shrink Ray.
  • RetroRadon Bomb: Replaced the Laser Tripbomb.
  • Plasma Rifle: Replaced the Freezethrower.

Other features Edit

  • Allied M.I's, also known as "Fake M.I's".
  • Various types of Arachnids to be fought.
  • New map format, known as .SST, replacing .MAP formats.

Reception Edit

It is considered by many to be the best and largest TC made for Duke Nukem 3D.

EDuke32 version Edit

An improvement of the TC was made for EDuke32, it can be downloaded here.

Sequel Edit

A sequel, known as Starship Troopers 2 TC was either been cancelled, or still under development. A demo was released and can be downloaded here. It was supposed to be a user map for the TC, but was scrapped in the end.

External links Edit

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