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Starships are vessels designed for space travel and used heavily throughout all Starship Troopers universes.

Starship Troopers novelEdit

The Terran Federation utilizes a huge Fleet of Starships during the Interstellar war. However, the Pseudo-Arachnids also utilize their own Starships which seen combat against the Terran Federation


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Terran Federation

Starship Troopers animeEdit

Terran Federation
Extraterrestrial life form
  • "Alien Transport"

Starship Troopers film universeEdit


The United Citizen Federation employs the Federal Armed Services's Fleet to utilise it's Starships across the Milky War Galaxy. In this universe the Arachnids lack any form of Starship.


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Roughneck ChroniclesEdit

Starship trooper space ship

Small city-like vessel that troopers consider their home-away-from home. They are equipped with hyperspace drives, subspace communicators, missiles, lasers and ballistics, including sensors that can detect movement of other crafts in other systems. Commander Marlow was one such officer in charge of the Valley Forge.

There are at least three classes of Starship in service with SICON.

In this series, the Arachnids employ two kinds of Starships which are themselves Giant Arachnids capable of space-travel and carrying Arachnid Colonies to different planets.




  • Most of the starships in Starship Troopers franchise are either named after notable military personnel or location of notable battles.