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The Roughnecks discover Lt. Ross, commander of Delta Squad, wandering on Hydora, his long-term memory wiped out, and his entire squad missing. The Roughnecks are sent on an investigative mission to discover what happened to Ross and his men, while Carl is told to perform a mindscan on Ross, unlocking his repressed memories. Rico has a problem with Carl invading a man's mind, and tells Carl that if he's ever in trouble, to stay out of his head. On Hydora, the Roughnecks wind up captured by Warrior Bugs and taken to a cavern, where the Brain Bug that controls the entire planet plans to mind probe the entire squad, starting with Rico. Back on the Valley Forge, Carl discovers this is what happened to Ross and his men. He tries to send Rico a psychic warning, but it is too late ... and Carl races to Hydora with a group of Troopers to save his squad from a horrifying fate. Carl has a psychic, telekinetic showdown with the Brain Bug, blowing it up with a mindbomb. Later, Carl reveals there are more Brain Bugs on every planet the Bug Army has invaded, and the war is far from over. Rico and Carl come to an understanding about his powers ... later it is learned that the confrontation with the Brain Bug has hurt Carl, which he hides from the others.





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