UCF Shiloh
First appearance Second Bug War
Race Human
Type Athena class Starship
Weapons Q Bomb / Energy weaponry (presumably)
ID Unknown
Affiliation Fleet Pin Fleet
Function Starship/Transport
Commanders Unknown
Military Crew

The Shiloh is a heavily upgraded Athena class starship.

The ship has large superstructures above and below the ship that regular Athena classes do not bear; therefore, the ship is as tall as it is long unlike the standard ship design which has little height.

History Edit

The Shiloh was stationed at Sanctuary when Johnny Rico first arrived. Rico was then transferred to the Shiloh along with General Hauser, where on a hanger deck he saw for the first time M11 Babar Marauders. A team of troopers was chosen for a mission and transferred to the Shiloh; upon which it left the Sanctuary in search of Omar Anoke, the missing Sky Marshal. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

Marauder Project Edit

The first Marauder team is stationed onboard the Shiloh; the M11 Marauder are first used on the Battle of OM-1.

Known personnelEdit

Notes Edit

Appearances Edit


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