Inicial quote My pay is more than yours, so I want to work more. Final quote

—Sergeant Dunn, "Carmencita"

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Sergeant Dunn(ダン軍曹 Dann Gunsō[1] is dauntless sergeant in Willie's Wildcats


After Juan Rico, Smith Alphard, Pat Leivy, and T. Azuma arrived an orbital base and saw the Rodger Young, the rookies soon met Sergeant Dunn, who asked them to check and maintain their "coffins". He also told the rookies to respect the etiquette and follow the rule since they are on board a Naval vessel. "Cherenkov"

During the Battle of Glendathu, Dunn lead the Wildcats to assault enemies. After spotting enemies' base, he asked the rest of the troopers cover him while he went into the enemies alone since the bombard squad was coming. However, most of the soldier went in after him.

A while later, Dunn was captured by the enemy. Fortunately, he was saved by Juan Rico. Dunn, Rico, Kitten, Leivy, and Cherenkov then launched a full-scale attack against the enemy. "Carmencita"


  • His name is alternatively spelled as Dan as seen in the episode "Carmencita".
  • It is unmentioned whether he is a squad leader or a platoon leader.
  • Dunn's ultimate fate was untold.

Behind the SceneEdit


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