The Scorpion Class Pulse Warrior, or simply "Scorpion", is a heavily armored bug used during the Second Bug War. Due to its heavy armor the Scorpion bug is very slow, and has poor agility. However, it is virtually invulnerable to rifle rounds, as they are not strong enough to penetrate the thick armor. At least one Scorpion Bug fought during the Battle of Roku San.

Specs Edit

  • Bug Type: Pincers and Plasma thrower
  • Length: 42ft or 13 meters
  • Height: 19.5 ft or 6 meters
  • Reflex rate: Medium
  • Regeneration rate: Low
  • Land Speed: 10 miles per hour
  • Plasma Fire Speed: 100 miles per hour
  • Plasma Fire Rate: Unknown
  • Aggression level: High
  • Strength: Thick Armour
  • Weakness: Low Agility

Do You Want To Know More? Edit

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The Scorpion Bug's puppet used during filming.

During the third film, a scorpion bug appears at the battle for Roku San, this bug, unlike the majority, was fully hand controlled by puppeteers during filming, its sting blast was animated during the editing process.

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