Russo-Anglo-American Alliance
Political information
Type of government

Military Alliance

Founding document



Chain of Command

Societal information
  • Washington
  • Londres
  • Moscow
Official language
  • English
  • Russian
State religious body


Historical information
Date of establishment

Sometime between 1959 and 1987 (presumably)


The Russo-Anglo-American Alliance was a military alliance formed in the late 20th Century. The Alliance encompassed armed forces from Britain, Russia, and the North American Republic.[1]

Russo-Anglo-American Alliance-Chinese Hegemony WarEdit

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In 2041 and following, the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance was at war with the Chinese Hegemony on Earth. At the end of the war, in 2130 the Treaty of New Delhi was signed which freed prisoners captured by the Alliance. The war led to two British Divisions of Paratroopers getting captured in Japan, the Philippines and Russia, and sentenced for political crimes. The treaty of New Delhi angers the veterans and the Aberdean Militia is formed in 2132.

Federation DayEdit

November 1, 2125-April 17, 2126, The Revolt of the Scientists, is a revolt of higher intellectual persons from multiple nations that attempted to take control of the government though it fails.

On October 19, 2132 the Aberdeen Militia completely succeeded in overthrowing the control of the gangs in Aberdeen, Scotland. This day is now known as Federation Day.

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