Roku San
Planet Roku San
Region Outer Colonies/Arachnid Quarantine Zone
Galaxy Milky Way
Orbital elements
Orbital period (days) 463.3

Orbital eccentricity

Mean density 5.523 g/cm
Orbital satellites 2
Diameter 402.336 km
Mase (kg) 6.123c+24
Mean Surface 15º Centigrades

Axial Tilt (degrees)

Gravity 1 estándar
Rotational period (days) 0.8765
  • Ecuatorial: 7.235.35
Escape Velocity (km/s) 12.4
Atmospheric features
  • Nitrogen: 78%
  • Oxygen: 20%
  • Other: 2%
Dominant Humans (residents)

Arachnids (more in numbers)

Indigenous Unknown
Afiliation FederationFlag United Citizen Federation
Imports Militar personal - agriculture elements - elements of construction
Exports Grains, agricultural products

Roku San was a peaceful farming planet with two moons in the outer Colonies. During the Second Bug War the Arachnids invaded the planet forcing the farmers to move into a military base run by the Mobile Infantry.


Roku San contains fertile soil and the Federation uses most of the surface for farmland. The planet was an Earth class planet which must meant that it possibly contained plant and animal life. It was also the planet which held the base Roku San, the place where the Morita 3 rifle was introduced to the Federal Network. Although it was overrun and taken by Arachnid forces, it was only taken because the Sky Marshal shut down the defenses leaving the Mobile Infantry flatfooted.


See also: Battle of Roku San

Roku San is first seen on FedNet where they are showing Mobile Infantry Troopers digging trenches in the Roku San Military Assistance Base that had been established to protect the local population. Shortly after this the same troopers are seen digging in the trenches when a Bombardier Bug explodes near them killing several soldiers. Colonel John Rico, the officer in charge of its garrison, appears, removing a shovel from one soldier's back. Before the Sky Marshal Omar Anoke's visit Colonel Rico was ordering his men to prepare for the Sky Marshal's arrival. Due to Sky Marshal Anoke shutting down the power grid during a time when the Bugs were heavily probing the base's perimeter fences, the electric fences were shut down, allowing Warrior Bugs to enter the base and overrun it whilst a Scorpion Bug attacked the command bunker, caving in its roof and trapping all below. The Scorpion Bug was a very heavily armed bug; even Mobile Infantry machine guns couldn't penetrate the armor on its neck.

The Roku San forces were defeated by the the Arachnid forces and Colonel Rico was held responsible for the defeat and sentenced to death by hanging along with two farmers who assaulted General Dix Hauser.

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