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Raid on Tango Urilla
Part of First Bug War

Place Tango Urilla

Federal victory

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation Arachnid Symbol Arachnids
FederationFlag Jean Rasczak Arachnid Symbol Brain Bugs


Mobile Infantry:

Minimal Heavy - All Arachnid Forces in region
Battle of Klendathu Raid on Tango Urilla Ambush at Whiskey Outpost

After the disaster on Klendathu and the resignation of Sky Marshal Dienes, the new Sky Marshal Tehat Meru designed a strategy to defeat the Arachnids in the Klendathu system by raiding the outer planets in the system one by one.


The Raid on Tango Urilla began with an air strike by TAC Fighters over a horde of Warrior Bugs on the planet's surface. Afterward, the Roughnecks were deployed into the region, to kill any surviving Bugs. During the mop up process, Rico found a Bug hole guarded by two Warrior Bugs. The hole was quickly nuked and its inhabitants killed.

During the sweep, Rico's squad was contacted by the main force of the Roughnecks requesting reinforcements due to the stiff resistance they had encountered. Upon returning to the main force, the Arachnids were being pushed back by the Mobile Infantry, until behind their lines a Tanker Bug burst out of the ground and sprayed a burst of corrosive liquid toward the Roughnecks troopers.

Rico saw a chance runs to the top of a hill and jumps onto the Tanker Bug's back. Using his assault rifle, he emptied the magazine into the back of the Tanker Bug, blowing a hole into it, trying not to fall off whilst the Tanker ran around erratically. Rico then lost balance and had to cling on with one arm whilst priming a Grenade with his other arm and throwing it into the hole before letting go. The grenade exploded, tearing a huge hole in the Tanker Bug's back, killing it.

At this point, the fighting was effectively over and Lieutenant Jean Rasczak promoted Johnny to corporal, replacing the Corporal Birdie, who was badly wounded by the Tanker. Starship Troopers

Notable CombatantsEdit


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