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This page is about the planet cracking weapon in the film universe, for the novel version, see Nova Bomb.

Type Planet-Cracking Bomb
Service History
Introduced Battle of OM-1

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

Fleet Pin Fleet
Production History


Produced Unknown

The Q Bomb is a planet cracking weapon that can destroy a planet on contact.

There has been controversy on Earth over the use of the Q Bomb: Religious fanatics say that the Federation shouldn't decide what planet lives and dies; politicians don't bother; and military officials think that since the Bugs don't use a Q Bomb, why shouldn't they?

The Q Bomb was first launched and tested within the Arachnid colony on planet OM-1 to destroy Behemecoatyl, the God Bug.

Notes Edit

  • The novel equivalent is the Nova Bomb, and the Federation does not refrain from using it, unless it has something else in mind.
  • After doing much research into the Q Bomb from Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, some fans believe it's a quantum accelerated high explosive bomb.
  • It is highly unknown if the Q Bomb would be used again or if it had even been studied in the first two films.


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