Psychics are sentient creatures that have the ability to communicate or read thoughts using their minds.

Novel universe Edit

"Captain, can we depend on this map?"
"What’s troubling you?"
"Well... it seems like magic. Uh, black magic."

Psychics are not a part of the Novel universe. There is a mentioning of so called special talents, however it is not deliberated in which area and unclear whether they are unnaturally gifted or just extremely skilled or talented individuals or both.

An unnamed spatial senser makes an appearance in the book, accompanied by a team of engineers and high ranks and helps to map bug tunnels on a planet, without using any equipment and just by uncovering his head and mustering the surroundings. The exact nature of his talent is neither explained nor theorized.

Starship Troopers film universeEdit

In the United Citizen Federation, civilians and citizens are tested for psychic abilities. Of those whom possess these abilities and pass a certain test, statuses are usually obtained within the Federal Armed Services, usually as an officer.[1] It is assumed that a Psychic is usually offered with a position in Military Intelligence.

A psychic is able to mind-control animals.[2] Such ability is later applied to the know-how of the Federal Intelligence Bug.[1]

A psychic can have a vision simply via a touch with others.[3]

Some psychics' abilities decline during puberty. However, if the subject is female, she may regain the ability during pregnancy, such as Private Lei Sahara.[3]

The use of Psychic abilities is used heavily by the Arachnids to control lesser members of its society. After allowing itself to be captured the Brain Bug used its Psychic abilities to control Sky Marshal Omar Anoke's mind force him into shutting down the Roku San Military Assistance Base defences.[4] Carl Jenkins was once mentally attacked by the Arachnid Queen.[1]

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers ChroniclesEdit


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Known psychicEdit


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