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Ratzass Power Suit

Powered Suit (Male, K-12)

The Power Suit is a Powered armor utilized by the United Citizen Federation during the Second Bug War. A Power Suit consists two parts: the Inner Body Suit and the Powered Suit.


Inner SuitEdit

The Inner Suit is a "Muscle suit" which provide a trooper with extra muscle power. The suit is worn inside the Powered Suit.

Main Powered SuitEdit

The Main Powered Suit is an armor worn outside. There are male and female versions for both Inner Suit and Main Powered Suit. The female version Powered Suit is more streamline than the male version.

Body armor
There are several hardpoints on the armor, allowing it able to be attached with various optional equipment and weapons, such as a small missile launcher or a combat knife. On each elbow, there is a large hardpoint, which is made per standards of a tank and a fighter jet.
Weapons can be place on the rack on the back. Also, each armor is equipped with magnetic stabilizer under the feet.
Two jump jets are mounted in the lower back of the armor. They will open when in use.
There is a marker light on the chest.
Each helmet has a searchlight mount on its left and a infrared camera on the right side. There are four camera-eyes on the visor that provide the image of outside, displayed on the other side of the visor. There is a HUD system inside the helmet.

Each unit has a different color, pattern, or word layout on the armor:

Personal emblemsEdit

Some troopers have their own personal emblems on their helmets as seen in follows:




Ratzass figure

  • Powered Suit Ratzass (PVC figure, 2012)
This is a figure of Ratzass holding his Gatling gun, only sold within the i Blu-ray DVD limited version with only 1500 sets.
The decal needed to be applied by the collectors themselves.

Square EnixEdit


Play Arts Kai Henry Varro

  • STARSHIP TROOPERS INVASION Colonel Henry Varro[sic] (Play Arts Kai, 2013)
This is a Play Arts Kai action figure of Henry Varro.


  • The female Inner Body Suit seem to be the normal uniform for a female personnel, as Ice Blonde and Trig both only wear the inner suit during the intermission, while Carmen Ibanez and Captain Jonah wear the suits under their jackets.
  • The Power Suit seems more vulnerable than the Powered Armor in the novel as the enemy possesses weapon powerful enough to destroy the armor with ease. However, the Power Suit is much lighter as the novel version are described as a "steel gorilla".
  • Most troopers have their names near the armor between the chest and the neck, much like those in Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, who have their names on the helmets.
  • Much similar to the 1988 anime, the troopers use a variety of machine guns as primary armaments, such as Morita Mk III SAW and Gatling guns.
  • In the Japanese version of i, the Suit is known as Powered Suit (パワードスーツ Pawādo Sūtsu), the alternative name for the Powered Armor as mentioned in the original novel.
  • The Inner Suit is also known as Inner Body Suit (インナーボディースーツ Innnābodīsūtsu).


  • i
  • ig

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