The Plasma Warrior

Plasma Warrior Bug is a breed of Warrior Bug first encountered by Federal troops during the Second Bug War. These new Warrior Bugs were tinted with blue or purple and had the ability to shoot plasma at the troopers. The Arachnid is basically a Warrior Bug that shoots plasma in the manner of a Plasma Grenadier Bug.



The Plasma Warrior

During the Battle of Fort Casey, Plasma Warriors were deployed throughout the battle, targeting members of the K-12. Sniping from above the rocks, these Bugs are surely "DEATH FROM ABOVE". Plasma Warriors usually attacked in groups of two, defending vital areas of the nest from being invaded by the Mobile Infantry. These Bugs were killed by the K-12 to reach the Super Tank Bug. Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry"


  • The Plasma Warrior Bug is a reference to the novel version of Warrior, which can use energy weapon.
  • It is unknown why the Arachnids use Warrior Bugs that can shoot plasma. Plasma Grenadier Bugs can easily serve the same role, possibly because Plasma Warriors are effective for close-range combat.
  • Any remaining Plasma Warriors are likely killed during the destruction of Fort Casey by C-4.


Types Warrior - Worker - Tiger - Rhino
Royal Warrior - Plasma Warrior - Super Tank
UCF X-Bug - Federal Intelligence Bug
Plasma Weaponry
Bugs Plasma Bug - Scorpion - Plasma Grenadier Bug - Plasma Warrior Bug
Weapons Plasmatic Cannon - Plasma Munition
See also Energy weaponry - Warrior

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