"Oh yeah, I'll be there!"
—Dill, telling infected troopers he'll be at their execution sentence[src]

Pavlov Dill



Zulu Alpha












FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

Military service


Military Intelligence


Psi Corps


Bravo Six


Psychic - Intelligence Officer


701st MI Second-in-command



Real life


Lawrence Monoson


Shunsuke Sakuya (Japanese)


Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Pavlov Dill was a psychic Intelligence Officer lieutenant, member of Bravo Six, and second-in-command of the 701st Mobile Infantry Division (Gen. Sheperd being the first).

Involvement with the Arachnid ConflictEdit

Five years after the Klendathu System Campaign, a unit known as the 701st Mobile Infantry was deployed to planet Zulu Alpha deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. After being deployed the unit encountered severe Arachnid activity within the area. Eventually, they were forced to fight atop a dirt and rock mound, all the while hoping to be rescued by Fleet.After realizing that he needed to get all his soldiers to safety, Gen. Sheperd ordered Lt. Dill and 20 other soldiers to retreat to the abandoned Hotel Delta 1-8-5. Lieutenant Dill obeyed, and they began their journey through open terrain. While facing brute sand storms, and being chased, and attacked by bugs, the troopers eventually reached the outpost. Shortly after inspecting the outpost, and finding a captain V. J. Dax, they were once again attacked by a large Arachnid horde. With great difficulty troopers fought off attacking bugs, and claimed the victory. Later, General Shepherd rached the outpost with Sergeant Ari Peck, Private Charlie Soda, and Corporal Joe Griff, all of whom were infected with Control Bug. Griff, Peck, and Soda began socializing with the soldiers, and all but two trusted them. Lieutenant Dill and Private Lei Sahara sensed something odd about them. With the troopers trusting them, the infected troopers began infecting the others. After the bugs infected the majority of troopers in the outpost, Sahara talked to Dill about her strange feeling. Dill took it upon himself to confront General Shepherd about the matter, and went to his office. As Dill entered the office, he saw a naked Charlie Soda who had finished infecting General Shepherd. Dill entered the room, where General was sleeping, and was shocked to see that the general was "dead". He was then ambushed, and attacked by the infected Private Horton and Private Sandee, but managed to pull out his railgun pistol and back away Soda, Sandee, and Horton. He began saying that they are under arrest for treason and crimes against the Federation. However, as Dill was backing out the door, Billy Otter, another infected soldier, sneaked up on him from behind, and sliced his throat with Dax's knife, killing him. Dill's dead body was left lying on the floor, while Dax was blamed for Dill's death because of his knife. Later, Sandee, Horton, Joe, and Soda looked at Dill's dead body, and Horton turned it over, when Sahara entered the office. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation


  • Curiously, his first name, Pavlov, is a common Russian surname derived from the first name Pavel (Paul).


  • "Oh yeah, I'll be there!"
  • "I know, and I keep getting the same feeling."
  • "When was the last time you took shower?"
  • "You're all under arrest for treason, murder, and crimes against the Federation!"



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