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First termed King Bugs by SICON Intelligence, this was quickly changed when the true nature of their role in Arachnid colonies was understood.  Overseers are a mass of carapace plates and ridges, from which hang eight legs with wickedly sharp claws. A pair of double-wings sprout up from the carapace which appear to barely able to keep it up in the air.

The overseer bug provides a solid level of direct command over lesser bug sub-species and is capable of replacing a Brain Bug in the battlefield. However, it possesses none of the brain's awesome processing capabilities and has weaker psychic powers. They form a conduit between Queen, Brain, and Warriors, increasing the responsiveness of entire Bug swarms and so are often made priority targets of the Mobile Infantry.


  • The Overseer resembles a giant wasp.
  • The Overseer outranks a Brain Bug and lesser Arachnids. It is unknown if it outranks a Queen.
  • The Overseer can gouge major amounts of firepower whilst maintaining solid command of the Arachnid Swarm.
  • The Overseer may be based on the "Mamma" Rippler, since it resembles a giant Rippler Bug.



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