Operation Washout was the code name for the an assault made by the Mobile Infantry against the Arachnid threat that had appeared on Earth.


It was an alternative strategy proposed by Lieutenant Earl Walker and Jean Razak after the Sky Marshal revealed that the Arachnids had infested San Francisco's underground. Rather than alert and evacuate the population, the Sky Marshal intended to send SICON's military forces for a full scale assault as there was fear that any attempts at rescuing the civilians would alert the Bugs. This would have resulted in heavy civilian casualties and a great deal of collateral damage. After protests were made, Razak and Walker proposed Operation Washout to eliminate the Arachnid threat and prevent the bombing of the region.

The strategy involved placing plasma charges on the ocean floor beneath the Golden Gate Bridge at key junctions that were above the Bugs tunnel networks. Furthermore, it utilized the use of a bioweapon compound that had been proven to work on the Arachnids. The plan was a success and those bugs that were not drowned ended up being forced to the surface where they were picked off by Fleet fighters or Mobile Infantry squads. However, one of the casualties of the operation was the death of Lieutenant Jean Razak.[Episode needed]


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