This page is about the event in the novel, for the event in the 1997 film, see Invasion of Planet P.

Operation Royalty
Part of The Bug War
Place Planet P
Terran Federation Pseudo-Arachnids
Sky Marshal-in-Chief (Overall Commander) Brain Bugs

Queen Bugs


Terran Federation Army

Mobile Infantry
K-9 Corps

Terran Federation Space Navy


Moderate Heavy - Six Brain Bug Captured, Queen Bugs Committed suicide to prevent capture
Raid on Skinnie Homeworld Operation Royalty Second Battle of Klendathu

Operation Royalty was one of the most important engagements of the Bug War and was fought on Planet P. It was styled a "raid" despite involving hundreds of ships and thousands of soldiers. The outcome of Operation Royalty was important enough to possibly dictate who won the war.


The main goal of this operation was to capture members of the Bugs' "Royalty"caste: Brains and Queens. The Terran Federation hoped by capturing members of the royalty caste, it would serve two purposes:

  1. The opportunity for the Psychological Warfare Corps to study live specimens and therefore learn more about their enemy.
  2. The ability to trade for Prisoners of War, of which the Pseudo-Arachnids had many Terran Federation Army troops.

Strategically, Planet P was nothing more than an unfinished advance base for the Bugs. The Mobile Infantry was not raiding it to gain and hold territory. It was strategically important, as the Pseudo-Arachnids were there and the Terran Federation Army was determined to learn how to successfully infiltrate Bug holes and capture members of the upper caste.

This was also the battle in which Juan Rico was put in charge of a platoon as a temporary Third Lieutenant through the O.C.S. program. Rico commanded the 1st Platoon of D Company "Blackie's Blackguards" under the watchful eye of Fleet Sergeant Zim.

Main BattleEdit

For the beginning of the operation, three Mobile Infantry Divisions the Second, Third, and Fifth Divisions were dropped onto the planet from ships in orbit. These divisions fought for control of the surface eventually gaining control of it despite casualties. Following the surface's capture reinforcements of Mobile Infantry, including the First division, were landed onto the planet onboard retrieval boats.

The islands and the unoccupied section of the continent were then simultaneously bombarded from orbit by the Navy to prevent an assault to the rear.


The Mobile Infantry was successful in capturing six Brain Bugs (one of these by Fleet Sergeant Charles Zim), though none survived long enough to be bartered with. Unfortunately, no Queens were taken as they had been killed by the Warriors rather than being captured.