The name or term "Battle of Klendathu" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Battle of Klendathu (disambiguation).

Operation Bughouse
Part of The Bug War
Place Klendathu
Terran Federation Pseudo-Arachnids
Sky Marshal-in-Chief (Overall Commander)

General Diennes (Ground Forces)


Terran Federation Army

Mobile Infantry
K-9 Corps

Terran Federation Space Navy


Very Heavy:
Destruction of Buenos Aires Operation Bughouse Raid on Skinnie Homeworld

Operation Bughouse was code-name the full-scale invasion of Klendathu. The operation involved Mobile Infantry and K-9 Corps landing on the planet and clearing landing zones whilst the main force of Mobile Infantry landed on the planet and defeated the Bugs.

However, the invasion failed badly forcing the Federal Army to call a general retreat, giving Troopers on the ground only limited time to escape to their dropships. During the beginning of the invasion, when the Neodogs encountered Bugs, they were freaked out enough to commit suicide in large numbers. No wonder Rico refers to this engagement as "Operation Madhouse".

The failed Operation Bughouse cost the Terran Federation badly, preventing them from launching any large battles for a period of time afterwards due to losing large numbers of ships and experienced troops which would take time to replace.