Escape craft in orbit

OM-1 (Oscar Miguel-1) is a planet in the Arachnid quarantine zone which is home to the God Bug. OM-1 is the first planet to be destroyed by the Q bomb.


OM-1 was mostly desert. There was at least one large body of water with sandy beaches surrounding it. The surface was fairly flat with few hills or large mountains.

History Edit

The Geronimo is pulled out of warp by Bug Plasma from this planet which heavily damages the ship.

Several crew members land on the planet in an escape pod and Warrior Bugs herd them in traps and towards the God Bug. When the 3 survivors reach the boat the God Bug rips it appart and devours Anoke whole to gain his knowledge.

Several Marauders land on the Planet and rescue the surviors.

OM-1 is later completely destroyed when the York Fires a Q bomb at the planet.

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