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GringoStarship Troopers: Dominant Species

Mk I Neodog 1

The MK-I Neodog in the Role-Playing Game.

Neodogs are genetically-enhanced dogs that serve as elite scouts in the K-9 Corps. Neodogs are said to be over 6 times more intelligent than regular dogs.

Starship Troopers novelEdit

Every Neodog is assigned a handler and if the the Handler is killed the Neodog is then put down.

Starship Troopers film universeEdit

Starship Troopers: Dominant SpeciesEdit

The Federal Military used Neodogs in a unit called the Neodog Corps.

During a battle on Klendathu, a Neodog called Gringo worked with his handiler and a Mobile Infantry unit to detect Bug holes.[Issue needed]

Starship Troopers: Role Playing GameEdit

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