Mounted Heavy Machinegun
Type Heavy Machinegun
Service History
Introduced Unknown

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

MI flag small Mobile Infantry


Wars First Bug War
Production History


Produced Unknown

Mounted heavy-caliber machine guns were often used as a defensive weapon for Mobile Infantry. Like the Morita Assault Rifle, these weapons seem to shun modern technologies in favor of the reliability and efficiency of 20th century ammunition and operating mechanisms. Due to their seemingly large caliber (likely 12.7mm/.50 or higher) and high rate of fire, these weapons would prove to be far more effective then the Mobile Infantry's standard issue Morita assault rifles in certain applications, though even these attributes did very little to stop a seemingly endless wave of warrior bugs. Four of these machine guns were installed in pairs at two of Whiskey Outpost's defensive towers on Planet P.


These weapons can be mounted in pairs on a high vantage point such as a tower, increasing their field of view and range. When used properly, these machine guns can lay down devastating suppressing fire. The weapon's effectiveness is due largely to its large caliber, plentiful ammunition capacity and high rate of fire. The mount often utilizes a dual set up, with two machine guns mounted side-by-side, further increasing their firepower. Though proving quite capable of killing bugs with much less effort than standard infantry weapons, tearing a Hopper Bug to shreds in a matter of seconds; like most standard infantry weapons they are largely ineffective against an overwhelming rush wave of Warrior Bugs.

Behind the SceneEdit

  • The twin heavy machine guns at Whiskey Outpost on Planet P were fake Soviet-era DShK heavy machine guns. These were Browning M2 .50 cal machine guns that were outfitted with modified DShK barrels. At the time of the movie's production, DShK barrels were available, but the whole guns were not available in the chain of commerce in the U.S. Most of the "DShK machine guns" seen in films of this time period and earlier are these modified Browning M2 .50 cal guns with original Soviet barrels attached; the DShK itself had been replaced in Russian service by newer weapons, although is still rather common in local conflicts.



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