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Morita MK I Rifle
Type Assault Rifle
Service History
Introduced Second Bug War
Users FederationFlag United Citizen Federation:MI flag small Mobile Infantry
Wars Second Bug War
Production History


Produced Unknown

The Morita Mk I Rifle is an Assault rifle used by the Mobile Infantry during the Second Bug War. It can be equipped with a grenade launcher.


The rifle was utilised during the Battle of Fort Casey, and the John A. Warden Incident by Mobile Infantry teams A-01, and K-12.

The Mk1 uses a firing system similar to a chain gun allowing for more reliable rapid fire, it also uses a larger round possibly 338 Lapua  over the First Bug war's Morita rifle and carbines 7.62 ammunition. [citation needed]


Square EnixEdit

  • STARSHIP TROOPERS INVASION Colonel Henry Varro[sic] (Play Arts Kai, 2013)
The figure comes with a Morita Mk I Rifle, which is simply labeled as an Assault Rifle.


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