Inicial quote This is one gun that the regulars won't ever get to use. Final quote

—Commander Harris to Marauder 06Starship Troopers

Morita M4

The Morita IV Assault Rifle, also known as Marauder MK4 Rifle, Marauder Rifle, or simply Mark IV, is a weapon used by the United Citizen Federation Special Forces.


They are the mainstay of the Marauders arsenal and noted as being especially effective against multiple opponents due to its fast rate of fire. The Mark IV is noted as being not very powerful, but it had a great deal of ammunition at its disposal. This is sustained by an internal generator which creates an unlimited supply of plasma projectiles. It's considered the perfect weapon for taking out unarmored Arachnids such as the Warrior Bugs, but it is less effective against armored targets.

Despite these strengths, there are a number of weaknesses to this weapon. The first of which is its short effective range. Furthermore, it has very limited ability to pierce armored targets and has a tendency to overheat after extended use. As such, it's often recommended that users let the weapon cool after prolonged use and to fire in short controlled bursts.

In addition to its standard loadout, the weapon possesses a secondary fire mode, which shoots gas propelled grenades.

Notes Edit

  • It serves as the primary weapon of the player and has infinite bullets, while its grenades still need to be reloaded and has limited ammo.
  • The weapon resembles the Morita II Assault Rifle seen at the end of the first film as well as the assault rifle seen in the Halo games.
  • Morita IV is only seen in the 2005 video game Starship Troopers.

Appearance Edit

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