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Mobile Infantry
Type Ground military
Race Human
De facto leader Federal High Command
Afiliation SICON Strategically Integrated Coalition Of Nations
Base/Capital Earth
Establishment Formation of SICON
Status Active

The Mobile Infantry are SICON'S ground military force for use in combat with enemy forces. While they individually wore armor, they were not "powered" in the same sense as the novel, and they generally kept the same role and capabilities as the Troopers in the live-action movie. The TV series fielded powered suits, though. Each squad or platoon would normally be accompanied by 2 or 3 soldiers piloting Marauder support vehicles. These were mainly designed for squad support and were not meant for direct combat. Unlike the movie, though like the book, they utilize drop pods to transport from orbit to the surface. Though, their capsules are dropped from shuttles rather than from the transport itself. Unlike the novel, MI personnel can be of either sex. Likewise, unlike the novel or any functioning real regular military, they operate in squad-sized elements individually led by officers.


Each member of the Mobile Infantry is armed with a Morita smart rifle. For hand to hand combat, each member carries an retachable stock stick and machete.


Mobile Infantry Troopers are equiped with the M-1A4 Power Suit and M-1C8 Command Suit, fully pressurised light Powered armor suits with are worn in combat. These are worn with M-3 Tactical Helmets.



Marauder Support Mechs

The Mobile Infantry often employs two variants of Marauder Bipedal Armored Vehicles to reinforce their units in combat.