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The Roughnecks are sent down to Hydora to find two squads that have vanished into thin air. On the way, Rico and Dizzy bicker when he criticizes her for taking too many risks. During the search and rescue operation, Dizzy races off on her own to battle Water Tigers -- large amphibious beetles with giant pincers -- and Rico turns his back on her for a split second. Dizzy also disappears, and Rico is devastated, blaming himself. The Roughnecks eventually track Dizzy and the other missing troopers to the Water Tigers' lair, where the MIA's have been entombed in hive chambers. Dizzy and the others are rescued, revived with an anti-venom, and everyone races to get out of the underground lair, with Water Tigers giving chase. Razak eventually nukes the place...and Rico, who has been going overboard trying to take care of Dizzy, is eventually told by her to knock it off -- she likes him better as a jerk.





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