Intel, also known as "Games & Theory", is an elite top-secret special operations branch and Military Intelligence of the United Citizens Federation. Intel is charged with gathering information on hostiles, such as the Bugs, and providing it to other units in order to sort it through and to better understand the enemy. Intel has it's own group of psychics called Psi Ops and often utilizes it to gain and ascertain data. Intel also calculates casualties and survival rates. However, Intel is rarely correct, such as at the Battle of Klendathu where Intel believed that the plasma fired at the ships was "only random light"; a fact that was proven wrong when many shots of plasma tore through the hulls of Fleet's ships. Intel values information more than human life and has an uneasy relationship with other branches. Intel often conducts high-priority top-secret missions of which commanders in other branches are unaware such as the development of the bio-engineered X-Bug as part of an offensive against the Bugs on the planet Hesperus. Intel's color is black and it's uniforms bare a resemblance to SSuniforms.

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